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Student Profiles


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Mujibur Rahman AbidResurgent Histories of Afghanistan: Political Encounters with ModernityDr Elizabeth Rose Strakosch, A/Prof  Sarah Grant Phillips & Prof Roland Bleiker.
Francisca Ampomah-LøkelandState Formation and Self-Determination in post-Colonial Africa: The Case of Secessionists Movements in Sudan and NigeriaDr Heloise Weber & Dr Melissa Curley
Lindy AndrénRelating with Relational KnowledgeA/Prof Morgan Brigg,  Prof Norm Sheehan & A/Prof Andrew Phillips
Elisabeth Haugland AustrheimThe drivers of protracted armed conflicts: Why they cause protraction and how they develop throughout conflictsProf Alex Bellamy & Dr Suzanna Fay
Richard BellThe Quality of Governance Peace: The Impact of Governance on Peace at the Sub-National Level Prof Alex Bellamy,  Dr Suzanna Fay & A/Prof Benjamin Goldsmith
Oliver BlewettPicturing climate migration: critiquing the visual discourseProf Roland Bleiker & Prof Karen McNamara
Le Minh Trang BuiNation Branding of "Other Powers": Public Diplomacy and the Vietnam-Australia RelationsProf Chris Reus-Smit & Dr Melissa Curley
Anna Carlson"Nothing's Changed, Everything's Different:" Colonial Surveillance and Liberal Reform in QueenslandDr Elizabeth Strakosch, Prof Chelsea Watego (formally Bond), Dr David Singh, & Dr Alissa Macoun
Bipasha ChaudhuriHybridity and Gendered Justice?: Women's experiences of the Nari Adalat in IndiaA/Prof Nicole George, A/Prof Sarah PercyProf Emerita Jennifer Corrin
Elliot ClarkeAn evaluation of public attitudes towards hydrogen energy and deliberative processesA/Prof Alastair Stark & Dr Kiah Smith 
Monica DiLeoDrivers of Central Bank Activism on Climate ChangeProfessor Stephen Bell, A/Prof Ryan Walter & Prof Shahar Hameiri
Thi Hong Hanh DinhVietnam’s engagement in international human rights institutionsDr Sarah Teitt Prof Alex Bellamy  
Elenne FordSelf-Sacrifice and Intractable ConflictA/Prof Morgan Brigg & Prof Roland Bleiker
John FowlerIdentity, Institutions and Policy: Ontological security and the Australian Defence ForceA/Prof Matt McDonald & A/Prof Sarah Percy
Qiuyu GuHistorical cultural diversity regimes within international orders defined by long-lasting asymmetrical intercultural encountersA/Prof Andrew Phillips & Prof Christian Reus-Smit
Muhammad Ammar HidayahtullohLegal quotas, Islam and women's substantive representation: A case study of IndonesiaA/Prof Nicole George and Dr Anne Pohlman
Josie Hornung

The Pre-emptive Use of Force for Atrocity Prevention

Prof Christian Reus-Smit & Prof Alex Bellamy
Galih ImaduddinSmall is Beautiful: Knowledge Sharing Practices in Indonesia's Puskesmas Model of Primary Health CareDr Ryan WalterDr Samantha Hollingworth
Che Janosevic-GraingerThe Development of Russian Strategy in the Middle East Since the Arab SpringA/Prof Marianne HansonProf Alex Bellamy
Irawan JatiCritical Security and Human Security in Southeast AsiaProf Alex Bellamy & Dr Melissa Curley
Sofia KabbejClimate change and security in FranceA/Prof Matt McDonald & Prof Roland Bleiker
Helena KajlichRacism in the Australian Health System: logics of racialisation and Coronial InquestsA/Prof Chelsea Watego (formally Bond), Dr Elizabeth Strakosch, Dr Mark Brough and Dr Alissa Macoun
Guidora KopongMatrilineal Societies in the BorderlandsDr Melissa Johnston & Prof Shahar Hameiri
Agus Riyanto KurniawanPlanning and Budgeting Reform in Indonesia: Governance, Regulations and Institutional Arrangement Prof Shahar Hameiri & Dr Melissa Johnston
Aaron MagunnaCountering China? Reactions to Chinese Geostrategy in India, Japan, and South KoreaProf Shahar Hameiri & A/Prof Sarah Percy
Suzanne MaloneyWomen and retirementEmeritus Professor Gillian Whitehouse & Prof David Peetz and A/Prof Sarah Percy
Elizabeth Marx

A Curious Case of Institutional Change: The Employment Act 1946

A/Prof Ryan Walter & Dr Frank Mols
Jessica McDonaldR2P and non-state armed groupsProf Alex Bellamy & Dr Sarah Teitt
Amy McQuireDisappearing Aboriginal Women: Speaking Back to SilencesDr Elizabeth Strakosch, A/Prof Chelsea Watego (formally Bond), Dr David Singh
Eleanor MertonInstitutional Amnesia, Public Policy and Non State ActorsA/Prof Alastair Stark & A/Prof Nicole George
Brigette Metzler What impact does men's use of parental leave have on women's experiences in paid employment? Emeritus Professor Gillian Whitehouse & Dr Belinda Hewitt
Beth MorrisonThe US military as a humanitarian norm entrepreneur?Dr Sebastian Kaempf & Prof Christian Reus-Smit
Lyndon Murphy In the Company of Colonisers: Hunting & Gathering Aboriginal Politics in White AustraliaDr Elizabeth Strakosch,  & A/Prof Morgan Brigg
Everlyn Musee

Space, Race and Gender: Analysing Counterterrorism Strategy in Kenya through a Feminist Geopolitical Lens 

A/Prof Nicole George & A/Prof Morgan Brigg
Katrina MyersonFactors impacting the efficacy of local civilian community networks in operational atrocity preventionDr Sebastian Kaempf &  Prof Alex Bellamy
Jamal NabulsiTrauma, Dignity and the Struggle over Recognition: The Emotional Dynamics of Palestinian Resistance to Israeli Occupation A/Prof Emma Hutchison, Prof Roland BleikerDr Elizabeth Strakosch  & Dr Lana Tatour
Van Quan Nguyen"Three warfares" as a kind of hybrid war with Chinese characteristics under Xi JinpingA/Prof Andrew Phillips & Dr Seb Kaempf
Danielle O'Hara Conflict and Disaster RecoveryA/Prof Alastair StarkA/Prof Morgan Brigg
Cormac Opdebeeck-WilsonVisuals in the media coverage of protest movementsProf Roland Bleiker, A/Prof Emma Hutchison, & Dr Sebastian Kaempf
Xuwan Ouyang Developmental Peace: International Peacebuilding with Chinese CharacteristicsDr Sarah TeittProf Shahar Hameiri  & Prof Alex Bellamy
Se Youn ParkJihadi Brides, Race, and their Return: Examining Government Responses in the United States (U.S.), Malaysia, and GermanyA/Prof Nicole George & Dr Melissa Curley 
Atin PrabandariThe `Stories-So-Far': The Construction of Protection Space as the Everyday Politics of Protection in IndonesiaA/Prof Emma Hutchison & Dr Melissa Curley 
Michael Ryan Ukraine and the Transformation of War: Initial Lessons for Future ConflictA/Prof Andrew Phillips & Prof Kim Wilkins 
Uthpala SenaratneEthnolinguistic Discrimination and Majoritarian Politics: Sinhala Buddhist Nationalism in post-war Sri LankaDr Heloise Weber & A/Prof Nicole George
Jack ShieldNationcraft: Nationalist Visions of International Order Prof Christian Reus-Smit & A/Prof Sarah Percy
Nengzheng ShiDialogue as Nonviolent Resistance in Hong KongProf Alex Bellamy, Dr Volker Boege & Dr Sarah Teitt
Viet Dung Trinh Dynamic Responses of Southeast Asian States to China's Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).Dr Melissa Curley A/Prof Andrew Phillips
Timothy WestburyHuman security and climate migration: making sense of vulnerability to climate change in the PacificA/Prof Matt McDonald & A/Prof Nicole George
Eleanor WilliamsThe Effectiveness of Rapid Evidence in Fast-Paced Policy ContextsA/Prof Alastair Stark, Dr Cecilia Vindrola and Sir Geoffrey Mulgan 
Teck Chi WongThe politics of government-linked companies in MalaysiaProf Shahar Hameiri & Prof Garry Rodan