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Student Profiles


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Aliya Abbasi The mobilization of political support to strengthen children's rights and improve poor children's well being: the case of street working children in Pakistan Dr Heloise Weber & Prof Roland Bleiker
Mujibur Rahman Abid American hegemonic rule and nativist resistance in post- 9/11 Afghanistan: A Postcolonial Analysis Dr Heloise Weber & Dr Samid Suliman
Philip Alesin

The Impact of Pre-existing Conditions of States on Humanitarian Effectiveness in Complex Emergency Environments: The Case of Boko Haram-Affected Northeast Nigeria

A/Prof Jacinta O'Hagan & A/Prof Phil Orchard
Lina Alexandra Perceptions Matter: How the Changing Views on the Principles of Consent, Impartiality and Non-Use of Force Influence the Nature of Indonesia's Contributions to United Nations Peace Operations Prof Alex Bellamy & Dr Sarah E. Teitt
Linda Apelt The evolution of disability policy reform in Australia Prof Brian Head, Prof Stephen Bell, A/Prof Karen Nankervis & Dr Donna McDonald
Christopher Barlow The dynamic of contractual relationships between not-for-profit organisations and government funding bodies, particularly in the human services field. Dr Frank Mols & Dr Alastair Stark
Nicola Barnett State Reputation and Australian Asylum-Seeker Policies, 2001-2015 Prof Katharine Gelber & Dr Melissa Curley
Kym Beeston Sharing witness: images of humanitarian crises in a new media landscape Prof Roland Bleiker
Prudence Brown

New ways of working? Policy framing and bureaucratic mindsets in Australian remote Indigenous policy.

Prof Brian Head & Dr Elizabeth Strakosch
Anna Carlson Captured: Recognition and oversight in the settler colonial city Dr Elizabeth Strakosch & Dr Carlos Rivera Santana
Federica Caso The Body and the Militarisation of Post-Conscription Societies: An Aesthetic Approach Prof Roland Bleiker & Dr Seb Kaempf
Emir Chairullah Elites and the Negotiation of Special Autonomy Policy in Papua, Indonesia Dr Lee Wilson & Dr Morgan Brigg
Jun Yan Chang Dragon or Panda? The United States and the Macrosecuritisation of the "China Threat" A/Prof Matt McDonald & A/Prof Andrew Phillips
Lorraine Cherney The design and implementation of gambling regulation: A Queensland case study Prof Brian Head & Dr Alastair Stark
Janet Collier Towards a brighter future - rebuilding the lives of survivors of human trafficking in Vietnam Dr Melissa Curley & Dr Alastair Stark
Heidi Cooper The rise of the disempowered citizen and its impact on the development of effective responses to the Climate-Energy nexus Prof Karen Hussey & Prof Chris Greig
Katja Cooper The Rudd/Gillard Government, Asylum Seekers, and the Politics of Norm Contestation A/Prof Matt McDonald & A/Prof Phil Orchard
Paul Crawford The problem of securitizing refugees: migration, identity, and ontological security Prof Roland Bleiker & A/Prof Matt McDonald
Cheryl Creed You Never Heard Us - You Only Heard You A/Prof Jon Willis & Dr Elizabeth Strakosch
Ashleigh Croucher Climate Change and International Security A/Prof Matt McDonald & A/Prof Phil Orchard
William Dodt How can public inquiries enhance accountabilities and mechanisms for redress? Assessing the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse in Institutional Care. Prof Brian Head & Prof Karen Healy
Andrew Dougall Imagined international communities Prof Christian Reus-Smit
Faiza El-Higzi Gender, Islam and family law reform: comparing the political process of reform in Morocco and Malaysia Dr Nicole George& Dr Gerhard Hoffstaedter
Jan Fadnes Mediation in international conflicts: The neutral, empowering and pressing mediator Prof Roland Bleiker & A/Prof Andrew Phillips
Chloe FitzPatrick Cyber peace: The potential of cyber doctrine and capabilities to support current models of peacekeeping Prof Alex Bellamy
Hridesh Gajurel Taming Impatient Capital: A Comparative Institutional Analysis of Corporate Short-Termism Prof Stephen Bell & Dr Ryan Walter
Rajni Gamage Small State-Major Power Dynamics in the IOR: Domestic Determinants of an Autonomous Foreign Policy A/Prof Shahar Hameiri & A/Prof Andrew Phillips
Morgan Gibson Anarchism, critical theory and emancipation: Towards the realisation of an ideal speech situation Dr Martin Weber & Prof Katharine Gelber
Juliette Gout The Enlightenment revisited: Examining the intersection of the Enlightenment, the public sphere and international political theory A/Prof Richard Devetak & Dr Ryan Walter
Larissa Hansford Containing the climate change debate: Hegemony and domination in Australian climate justice discourse Dr Martin Weber & A/Prof Matt McDonald
Kate Higgins A Nation of Villages? Exploring Governance in Melanesia Dr Anne Brown & Dr Morgan Brigg
Josie Hornung

The consensual use of force: Preventing mass atrocities

Prof Christian Reus-Smit & Prof Alex Bellamy
Bernadette Hyland-Wood Open Government Data: Technology, attitudes, and policy-research uptake Dr Frank Mols
Faisal Idris The politics of anti-human trafficking: advocacy networks, the state, and political opportunity structures in Indonesia Dr Melissa Curley & Dr Frank Mols
Obinna Ifediora A Critical Analysis of the Responsibility to Protect Principle: The Bases of Implementation in Africa Prof Alex Bellamy & Dr Jeni Whalan
Galih Imaduddin The Management of Knowledge in the Public Sector: A Qualitative case study of Knowledge Sharing Practices among Indonesian Primary Care Professionals Dr Ryan Walter and Dr Samantha Hollingworth
Kiriloi Ingram A comparative analysis of militant Islamist propaganda targeting women and its resonance: Iraq, Indonesia and the West Dr Sebastian Kaempf & A/Prof Andrew Phillips
Kate Irwin Guarding Gotham: Echoes Through Time in the NYPD's Policing of Violent Extremism A/Prof Andrew Phillips, A/Prof David Martin Jones & Dr Gentry White
Elena Jeffreys The International sex worker movement. Dr Barbara Sullivan & Dr Alissa Macoun
Aaron Johnstone

Business associations and their role in public policy formulation and implementation: an international comparison of the aggregates industry

Prof Stephen Bell
Karen Jones Kiwi Across the Ditch: An Interpretive Account of the 2001 Changes to Policies in Relation to Trans-Tasman Travel Arrangements Prof Katharine Gelber & Dr Alastair Stark
Simon Kelly The institutional role of "Think Tanks" in mainland China's macroeconomic policy and decision making  Prof Stephen Bell & Dr Alastair Stark
Jessica Kirk Debating Ebola: Contestation and Construction in the US Securitization of the 2014-2015 West African Outbreak A/Prof Matt McDonald & A/Prof Shahar Hameiri
Chandra Kusuma East Asia Regional Governance and Domestic Policies of Portfolio Investment in Post-Asian Financial Crisis: The Case of Indonesia Dr Melissa Curley, A/Prof Shahar Hameiri, Prof Stephen Bell
Raditya Kusumaningprang Middle Powers and the Re-negotiation of Regional Order in East Asia: The Case of Indonesia A/Prof Andrew Phillips & A/Prof Matt McDonald
Allan Layug Global International Theory: Rethinking Order in World Politics Prof Chris Reus-Smit and Dr Richard Shapcott
Luu Dieu Duc Le Redefining disaster resilience, comparative lessons on the role of the community from Southeast Asia: case studies of Indonesia and Vietnam Dr Alastair Stark & Dr Nicole George
Jan Mairhoefer Political risk (Assessment) and its impact on institutional investment Prof Stephen Bell & Dr Ryan Walter
Elizabeth Marx Institutional and cultural dominance of the growth paradigm and evidence of an emerging degrowth discourse Dr Frank Mols & Dr Ryan Walter
Amy McQuire Media representations of violence in regional and urban Aboriginal communities and its impact on policy Dr Alissa Macoun & A/Prof Jon Willis
Brigette Metzler What impact does men's use of parental leave have on women's experiences in paid employment? Prof Gillian Whitehouse & Dr Belinda Hewitt
Maxwell Mitropoulos Black Bodies in the Settler's Chains: Exploring the operation of settler colonialism through the use of restraints on Aboriginal people in Australia Dr Morgan Brigg & A/Prof Jon Willis & Dr Carlos Rivera
James Morris Every Trigger Finger Has a Story - An Examination of Child Soldier Recruitment Patterns in the Middle East Region A/Prof Marianne Hanson & Dr Tristan Dunning 
Beth Morrison Compensation for Killing: The US Military Practice of Compensating for Collateral Damage Dr Sebastian Kaempf & Prof Christian Reus-Smit
Ririn Nurhayati Sovereignty and Responsibility in Indonesia Prof Tim Dunne & A/Prof Richard Devetak
Robert Orsted-Jensen The press and the government indigenous policy in colonial Queensland 1877-1880 Dr Morgan Brigg, Prof Stephen Bell & Noel Loos
Kristy Parker Indigenous knowledges and universities Dr Barbara Sullivan & Dr Alissa Macoun
Mutiare Pertiwi

Indonesia and the Global Refugee Regime: the Evolving Norms and Politics of Protection in an Outlier State

A/Prof Jacinta O'Hagan and A/Prof Phil Orchard
Robert Potter How middle powers seek security A/Prof Andrew Phillips & A/Prof Shahar Hameiri
Megan Price The Politics of International Legitimacy: Indonesia and Sri Lanka's justifications for the use of force A/Prof Matt McDonald & A/Prof Sarah Percy
Neil Renic Justified Killing in War and the Dilemma of Radical Asymmetry Dr Sebastian Kaempf & Prof Christian Reus-Smit
Luisa Ryan The sharpest tool in the box: Evaluating MONUSCO’S FIB and the effectiveness of UN Peacekeeping’s robust turn Prof Alex Bellamy & Dr Charles Hunt
Shreya Singh Visualizing India and North Korea's Nuclear Tests Prof Roland Bleiker& Prof Ian Hall
Ryan Smith Migration Games: Sovereignty and Migration Governance in the European Union and the United States of America A/Prof Andrew Phillips & Prof Katharine Gelber
Mohsen Solhdoost Asymmetric balancing and destabilization of the Middle East Dr Phil Orchard, Dr Martin Weber & A/Prof David Martin Jones
Shea Spierings Indigenous "criminality":selfhood, power and law Dr Morgan Brigg & A/Prof Jon Willis
Marvin Starominski-Uehara Individual Risk Perception and Flood Mitigation: An Empirical Study of Protective Actions in Australia Dr Alastair Stark, Dr Simon Blomberg & Dr Wouter Botzen
Mardyanto Tryatmoko The Institutionalisation of Special Autonomy as Ethnic Conflict Resolution? The Case of Papua, Indonesia Dr Morgan Brigg & Dr Lee Wilson
Ahmad Umar International Colonial System, The Genesis of Sovereignty, and the Transformation of World Order: Explaining the Rise of Asia from Historical Perspective Prof Christian Reus-Smit & A/Prof Jacinta O'Hagan 
Minh Vu The Management of South China Sea Sovereignty Disputes Prof Christian Reus-Smit & A/Prof Andrew Phillips
Kelly Wade-Johnson Contesting legitimacy: terrorist organisations and legitimacy-seeking behaviours A/Prof David Martin Jones, A/Prof Andrew Phillips, A/Prof Shahar Hameiri & Prof Tim Dunne
Sarah Warner Changing Citizen and State Relations: as explored through contemporary school education policy in Australia Prof Katharine Gelber & Dr Elizabeth Strakosch
Tania White The justification and operationalization of contemporary Indigenous child removals as part of the ongoing settler colonial project Dr Morgan Brigg, Dr Barbara Sullivan & A/Prof Jon Willis
Michael Wray Special operations and intelligence agencies on the modern battlefield: shaping policy and issues of legality A/Prof Sarah Percy
Shannon Zimmerman Counterterrorism and Protection of Civilians in UN Peacekeeping Operations Prof Tim Dunne, Dr Jeni Whalan, & Dr Charles Hunt