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Student Profiles


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Mujibur Rahman Abid American hegemonic rule and nativist resistance in post- 9/11 Afghanistan: A Postcolonial Analysis Dr Heloise Weber & Dr Samid Suliman
Dhrubaraj Adhikari Emotions and Political Violence: A Study of Mobilization in Maoist Movement in Nepal Prof Roland Bleiker & Dr Emma Hutchison
Philip Alesin

The Impact of Pre-existing Conditions of States on Humanitarian Effectiveness in Complex Emergency Environments: The Case of Boko Haram-Affected Northeast Nigeria

A/Prof Jacinta O'Hagan & A/Prof Phil Orchard
Richard Bell The Quality of Governance Peace: The Impact of Governance on Peace at the Sub-National Level  Prof Alex Bellamy & Dr Suzanna Fay
Kristine Bowman University Leaders and Free Speech on Campus  Prof Katharine GelberA/Prof Sarah Percy
Anna Carlson "Nothing's Changed. Everything's Different": Surveillance and Colonialism in Brisbane Dr Elizabeth StrakoschA/Prof Chelsea Bond, Dr David Singh, & Dr Alissa Macoun
Bipasha Chaudhuri Hybridity and Gendered Justice?: Women's experiences of the Nari Adalat in India A/Prof Nicole George & Prof Jennifer Corrin
Sreang Chheat Contestation of China's Rising Presence and Influence and State Responses in Cambodia.  Dr Melissa Curley & A/Prof Shahar Hameiri
Monica DiLeo Drivers of central bank approaches to climate change  Professor Stephen Bell 
Thi Hong Hanh Dinh Vietnam’s engagement in international human rights institutions Dr Sarah Teitt Prof Alex Bellamy  
Andrew Dougall Affording redemption: nationalism, communication media, and challenges to global order Prof Christian Reus-Smit & Dr Sebastian Kaempf
Faiza El-Higzi

Gender, Islam and the political process of Islamic family law reform in Malaysia 

A/Prof Nicole George & Dr Gerhard Hoffstaedter
Chloe FitzPatrick Cyber peace: The potential of cyber doctrine and capabilities to support current models of peacekeeping Prof Alex Bellamy
Hridesh Gajurel Taming Impatient Capital: A Comparative Institutional Analysis of Corporate Short-Termism Prof Stephen Bell & Dr Ryan Walter
Rajni Gamage Nation as Village: Authoritarian Populism and Rural Development in Sri Lanka Dr Heloise WeberA/Prof Shahar Hameiri 
Samuel Grey Election campaigns, social media and affective polarisation Dr Glenn KeffordDr Frank Mols & Dr Hema Selvanathan
Larissa Hansford Containing the climate change debate: Hegemony and domination in Australian climate justice discourse Dr Martin Weber & A/Prof Matt McDonald
Josie Hornung

The Pre-emptive Use of Force for Atrocity Prevention

Prof Christian Reus-Smit & Prof Alex Bellamy
Bernadette Hyland-Wood

Open Government Data: The relative importance of leadership, organizational culture and data communities

Dr Frank Mols & Dr Alastair Stark 
Galih Imaduddin The Management of Knowledge in the Public Sector: A Qualitative case study of Knowledge Sharing Practices among Indonesian Primary Care Professionals Dr Ryan WalterDr Samantha Hollingworth
Kiriloi Ingram

Identity and Gender Construction in Islamic State Information Operations Strategy

Dr Sebastian Kaempf & A/Prof Andrew Phillips
Che Janosevic-Grainger The Development of Russian Strategy in the Middle East Since the Arab Spring A/Prof Marianne HansonProf Alex Bellamy
Irawan Jati Critical Security and Human Security in Southeast Asia Prof Alex Bellamy & Dr Melissa Curley
Helena Kajlich Racism in the Australian Health System: logics of racialisation and Coronial Inquests Dr Elizabeth Strakosch & Dr Chelsea Bond
Allan Layug Global International Theory: Rethinking Order in World Politics Prof Christian Reus-SmitDr Richard Shapcott
Jan Mairhoefer

Financial Market Tolerance of Government Debt: Understanding tolerance for government debt and the economic and political factors considered

Prof Stephen Bell & Dr Ryan Walter
Trilochan Malla

Protection of Civilians’ in contemporary United Nations Peacekeeping operations; Peacekeepers’ perspectives on practical implementation.

Prof Alex Bellamy
Suzanne Maloney Women and retirement Prof Gillian Whitehouse & Prof David Peetz
Elizabeth Marx

Leon Keyserling: A Case Study in Political Entrepreneurship and Institutional Change in Mid-Century American Economic Policy

Dr Frank Mols & Dr Ryan Walter
Jessica McDonald The 'Responsibility to Protect' against non-state armed groups Prof Alex Bellamy & Dr Sarah Teitt
Amy McQuire Media representations of violence in regional and urban Aboriginal communities and its impact on policy Dr Alissa Macoun & A/Prof Jon Willis
Brigette Metzler What impact does men's use of parental leave have on women's experiences in paid employment? Prof Gillian Whitehouse & Dr Belinda Hewitt
Maxwell Mitropoulos Black Bodies in the Settler's Chains: Exploring the operation of settler colonialism through the use of restraints on Aboriginal people in Australia A/Prof Morgan Brigg, A/Prof Jon Willis, & Dr Carlos Rivera
Beth Morrison Compensation for Killing: The US Military Practice of Compensating for Collateral Damage Dr Sebastian Kaempf & Prof Christian Reus-Smit
Molly Murphy

Countering Racist Speech: Anti-foreigner media discourse, speech-based harms, and responses

Prof Katharine Gelber & Associate Professor Sarah Percy
Everlyn Musee

Space, Race and Gender: Analysing Counterterrorism Strategy in Kenya through a Feminist Geopolitical Lens 

A/Prof Nicole George & A/Prof Morgan Brigg
Jamal Nabulsi Trauma, Dignity and the Struggle over Recognition: The Emotional Dynamics of Palestinian Resistance to Israeli Occupation  Dr Emma Hutchison & Prof Roland Bleiker
Cormac Opdebeeck-Wilson Visuals in the media coverage of protest movements Prof Roland BleikerDr Emma Hutchison, & Dr Sebastian Kaempf
Xuwan Ouyang  Developmental Peace: International Peacebuilding with Chinese Characteristics Dr Sarah Teitt & Prof Alex Bellamy
Sebastian Paalo Civil Society, Local Ownership and Conflict Resolution in sub-Sahara Africa A/Prof Morgan Brigg & Prof Roland Bleiker
Mutiara Pertiwi

Indonesia and the Global Refugee Regime: the Evolving Norms and Politics of Protection in an Outlier State

A/Prof Jacinta O'Hagan & A/Prof Phil Orchard
Tayla Powell New Disciplines of Citizenship: Shaping Speech for the 21st Century A/Prof Ryan Walter & A/Prof Richard Devetak
Atin Prabandari The `Stories-So-Far': The Construction of Protection Space as the Everyday Politics of Protection in Indonesia A/Prof Jacinta O'Hagan & Dr Melissa Curley
Luisa Ryan The sharpest tool in the box: Evaluating MONUSCO’S FIB and the effectiveness of UN Peacekeeping’s robust turn Prof Alex Bellamy & Dr Charles Hunt
Nengzheng Shi Dialogue as Nonviolent Resistance in Hong Kong Prof Alex Bellamy, Dr Sarah Teitt, & Dr Volker Boege
Jack Shield An Ethics of Translation in International Politics Prof Christian Reus-Smit & A/Prof Sarah Percy
Shreya Singh Visualizing India and North Korea's Nuclear Tests Prof Roland Bleiker & Prof Ian Hall
Ryan Smith Migration Games: Sovereignty and Migration Governance in the European Union and the United States of America A/Prof Andrew Phillips & Prof Katharine Gelber
Shea Spierings Aboriginal perspectives on selfhood and criminalisation  A/Prof Morgan Brigg & A/Prof Jon Willis
Mardyanto Tryatmoko The Institutionalisation of Special Autonomy as Ethnic Conflict Resolution? The Case of Papua, Indonesia A/Prof Morgan Brigg & Dr Lee Wilson
Ahmad Rizky M. Umar The Idea of Asia in World Politics Prof Christian Reus-Smit & A/Prof Jacinta O'Hagan 
Minh Vu The makings of China, Japan, and Vietnam, an international history of nation-state transformations in East Asia Prof Christian Reus-Smit & A/Prof Andrew Phillips
Tania White The justification and operationalisation of Indigenous child removal in late neoliberal times A/Prof Morgan Brigg & A/Prof Mary Graham