Researcher biography

Heloise Weber's research is animated by an interest in the historical and contemporary politics of inequalities and injustices in the organization of development globally. She approaches questions over development from a critical perspective, which considers 'the international' as a product of development, and the 'development' we experience as advanced crucially also through the 'international'. Her research addresses how knowledge-production and representation shape and justify framings of 'development' at a macro-political level, and what this means for people. A correlate of this is her interest in struggles against such schemes, and for 'development otherwise'. The conceptual and theoretical concerns raised in this context form the basis of her interest in the politics of method and methodological choices, notably with regard to social science staples such as the (formal) comparative method, and its consequences and implications. Her theoretical and analytical approaches are informed by a critical interest in colonialism and its legacies, and post-colonial and decolonial thought and politics. She is also interested in how such insights can contribute to contemporary critical revisions of global public political histories.


  • Critical Development Theory and International Relations
  • Politics of the Comparative Method
  • Colonialism, Post-colonial Relations, and Decolonial Politics
  • Critical Approaches to Human Rights and Inequality
  • Critical Approaches to Security and Development
  • Global Political Economy, Finance, and Development
  • Politics and Political Economy of Microcredit and Microfinance
  • Trade, Development and Inequality
  • The UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals

Heloise has been an active member of the Global Development Studies Section(GDS) of the International Studies Association(ISA), has twice served as Section and Program Chair, and serves on the GDS Eminent Scholar Committee. She is a founding member of the GDS/ISA Edward Said Graduate Paper Award.

She is a member of the editorial boards of Contexto Internacional- Journal of Gobal Connections, and of Globalizations.

She has served as Associate Editor of International Political Sociology (2017-2021). IPS is an official journal of the International Studies Association.



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Journal Articles

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