The Internship is based on a mutually agreed partnership between the student and an external organisation.

The student agrees to carry out a research project on a topic/issue of direct interest to the external organisation.

In return, the external organisation agrees to provide the support necessary for the project to be completed within a definite time-frame.

Secondary supervision is also provided by an academic staff member from the School.

There are restrictions placed on both the Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses. Check the program pages for prerequisites and the application forms for further instructions.

All additional costs incurred by students undertaking this course remain the responsibility of the student.

Students are required to submit their applications for the Internship via the Placement Management system available at my.UQ -


  • choose another course as a 'plan B' should you not be accepted
  • places are strictly limited
  • do not seek out placement yourself - the School organises this



    phone (07) 33652858