Political Theory and Architecture

27 May 2021 6:00pm
Presented by Prof Duncan Bell (Cambridge) & Dr Bernardo Zacka (MIT)

Visual Communication: Understanding Images in Media Culture

13 May 2021 6:00pm
Presented by Prof Giorgia Aiello & A/Prof Katy Parry (University of Leeds)

Between Oblivion and Forever: A Critique of Nuclear Reason [Internal Staff ONLY]

7 May 2021 9:00am
Presented by A/Prof Jairus Grove (University of Hawai'i) & Dr Antoine Bousquet (Birkbeck, UCL)

Visual Security Studies: Sights and Spectacles of Insecurity and War

29 April 2021 6:00pm
Presented by Prof Juha Vuori & Dr Rune Saugmann (Tampere University)

Emotions and Power in World Politics [Internal Staff ONLY]

23 April 2021 1:00pm
Presented by A/Prof Emma Hutchison & Prof Roland Bleiker (UQ)

Visualising Human Rights

15 April 2021 6:00pm
Presented by Prof Jane Lydon (UWA)

Of Critics and Conservatives [Internal Staff ONLY]

26 March 2021 9:00am
Presented by Prof Michael C Williams (University of Ottawa) & Dr Jean-François Drolet (Queen Mary University)

Seeing Politics: Film, Visual Method, and International Relations

18 March 2021 6:00pm
Presented by Prof Sophie Harman (Queen Mary University)


3 March 2021 12:00pm1:30pm

Sensible Politics: Visualizing International Relations

25 February 2021 6:00pm
Presented by Prof William A. Callahan (LSE)

Webinar - The US Election: Aftermath

10 November 2020 5:00pm6:00pm
Join UQ School of Political Science and International Studies expert analysts to understand all the detail about who won the 2020 US Election, how it happened, and what happens next...

International Day of Peace (IDOP) Lecture Dr Gillian Triggs

21 September 2020 6:00pm8:00pm
The International Day of Peace will be held both virtually and limited in person, at St John’s Cathedral in Brisbane’s CBD on Monday, 21 September. Dr Gillian Triggs will deliver the keynote address. Gillian has been appointed Assistant Secretary-General and Assistant High Commissioner for Protection.

Online Roundtable on The Politics of Climate Change [Internal Staff ONLY]

11 September 2020 1:00pm2:30pm
A Zoom-roundtable on Climate Change