Visual Politics

We live in a visual age. Television, film, photographs, new media sources and artworks decisively influence how we perceive and deal with political phenomena as diverse as war, terrorism, refugees and financial crises. But we know surprisingly little about the exact nature and impact of this visual power. 

UQ’s Visual Politics Research Program addresses these key themes through interdisciplinary collaborations within the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences as well as across UQ and internationally.  We run regular seminars and workshops and coordinate research projects that bring together senior and up-and-coming scholars with various backgrounds, including political science, art history, film and television, international relations, indigenous studies, peace and conflict, museum studies, English literature, development, psychology, media and communication, journalism, anthropology, computer science and philosophy.

For regular updates on our activities see our Seminar Series, Twitter and Facebook pages. Many of our past events are also available on youtube.

Read more about New ARC Funding for a Collaborative Project on Visualising Humanitarian Crises.

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