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Affiliated with the School are two very active student associations which offer you a variety of events, seminars, film nights, and social activities.

We strongly encourage you to get yourself involved.

UQ United Nations Student Association (UQUNSA)

The United Nations Student Association (UQUNSA) is the leading student society for international affairs at the University of Queensland. UQUNSA offers students the opportunity to learn more about the United Nations, engage socially with like-minded peers, network professionally with the wider community, and participate in Model United Nations conferences.


Logo of the UQUNSA

The Responsibility to Protect Student Coalition (R2PSC)

The chief aim of the Coalition is to advance support for and promote the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) through education and awareness raising, encouraging meaningful and creative dialogue, and the creation of networks of R2P interested students and people. We provide workshops, crisis simulations and panel discussions for our members to learn more about what R2P is and what current issues are. We also provide opportunities for networking with academics and field workers, as well as social events like trivia, pizza dinners and movie screenings.


Logo of the R2PSC


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