Research excellence

We are one of the world’s leading centres for the study of national and global politics. The world is undergoing far-reaching and multi-dimensional transformations, generating a host of new questions, and challenging long-assumed answers to persistent problems. Our research is distinguished not only by our determination to address these crucial questions, but by our willingness to break established boundaries in the pursuit of new knowledge: theoretical and empirical boundaries; boundaries between sub-fields; and boundaries between disciplines.

Our pioneering research is recognised globally as outstanding. In 2015 and 2012, the University of Queensland was one of only four universities in Australia to be rated ‘well above world standard’ for its political science research in the Excellence in Research for Australia exercise. 

Research areas

The School is home to leading researchers in the established areas of governance and public policy, international relations, peace and conflict studies, and political theory, but much of their innovation comes from working at the intersections of these areas. Vibrant research clusters in the areas of ‘Institutional Transformations’, ‘Visual Politics’, and ‘History and Theory of International Relations enable this innovation, sustaining dynamic conversations that stimulate individual research and propel collaboration. Our flagship centres - the Asia-Pacific Centre for the Responsibility to Protect, and the Rotary Centre for International Studies in Peace and Conflict Resolution - drive engagement with the worlds of policy and practice.