Hear from an all-star line up from the School of Political Science and International Studies as they discuss the 'one piece of published research they value the most'. The panel includes experts in International Relations, Security Studies, Public Policy, Gender Studies and Political Economy.


Professor Katharine Gelber 

Professor Katharine Gelber is Head of School at the School of Political Science and International Studies and Professor of Politics and Public Policy. Her research is in the field of freedom of speech, and the regulation of public discourse.

Associate Professor Sarah Percy

Associate Professor Sarah Percy has had a long-standing interest in unconventional combatants, and has published widely on mercenaries, private military companies, and pirates. Sarah is interested in maritime security, including piracy and counter-piracy, maritime crime, and the role of navies as security actors. She also conducts research at the nexus between international relations and international law.

Dr Melissa Curley

Dr Melissa Curley is a Senior Lecturer in International Relations. Her research and teaching interests include Southeast Asian politics and international relations, Cambodian politics and post-conflict reconstruction, and non-traditional security in East Asia (including trafficking in persons and migrant smuggling, pandemic disease and child protection issues).

Professor Shahar Hameiri

Professor Shahar Hameiri is a political economist with diverse research interests, traversing the fields of security, development and aid, governance, political geography and international relations. Shahar is a particularly interested in understanding the evolving nature of statehood and political agency under conditions of globalisation.

Dr Adam Hannah 

Dr Adam Hannah is a Lecturer in Political Science, focusing on comparative politics and public policy. He is primarily interested in the translation of political ideas and expert knowledge into health and social policy. Adam has particular expertise in international comparative research, including with regard to major bouts of health care and public pension reform in Sweden and the United States, policy responses to health crises such as antimicrobial resistance and COVID-19 vaccinations and distributional inequality across welfare systems.

Muhammad Ammar Hidayahtulloh 

Muhammad Ammar Hidayahtulloh is a PhD candidate at School of Political Science and International Studies, the University of Queensland, Australia. His research focuses on gender and politics, Indonesian studies, and Southeast Asia/ASEAN studies. His PhD research investigates how resistance to gender policy reforms emerge in post-Reformasi Indonesia.

Chair: A/Prof Nicole George

A/Prof Nicole George's research focuses on the gendered politics of conflict and peacebuilding, violence, security and participation. She has a strong interest in feminist institutional theory, as well as conceptual debates on regulatory pluralism and contested notions of (gendered) order as they are evident in local and global politics.

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