Researcher biography

My research interests are diverse, traversing the fields of security, development and aid, governance, political geography and international relations. I am particularly interested in understanding the evolving nature of statehood and political agency under conditions of globalisation. I have written extensively on issues of security governance, statebuilding, non-traditional security, risk and risk management, regional governance and Australian development and security policy. I am currently working with Dr Lee Jones (Queen Mary University of London) and Prof Shaun Breslin (Warwick University) on a project on rising powers and state transformation, focusing on China's engagements in Southeast Asia. The project was awarded an ARC Discovery Project grant in 2017. My latest book, International Intervention and Local Politics, co-authored with Prof Caroline Hughes and Dr Fabio Scarpello, was published by Cambridge University Press in 2017. I have also co-authored Governing Borderless Threats: Non-Traditional Security and the Politics of State Transformation (Cambridge University Press, 2015), with Dr Lee Jones, and authored Regulating Statehood (Palgrave Macmillan, 2010). I received my PhD from the Asia Research Centre, Murdoch University in 2009.