Researcher biography

Martin Weber's main research clusters are in International Social and Political Theory, and in PE/IPE. In the former field, his work has focussed on the contributions of Critical Theory to developments in normative International Political Theory, and to the 'social turn' in IR theory in general. His research in this field, which overlaps with his interests in International Political Economy, has been published in key journals (European Journal of International Relations, Review of International Studies, Alternatives, Globalizations), as well as in contributions to edited volumes. In PE/IPE, his work has focussed on the political analysis of global governance, and in particular on global health governance and global environmental governance. The former deals with competing political visions and agencies regarding health care provision, the latter specifically on problems of integrating trade- and environmental governance. He has published book-chapters and articles in key journals on these issues (Review of International Political Economy, Global Environmental Politics, Global Governance), and is currently finishing on a monograph on 'Critical Theory and Global Political Ecology'.

Teaching Interests:

POLS2115 Environmental Politics and Policy

POLS7250 Advanced International Studies

POLS7510 Culture, Conflict & Reconciliation