Researcher biography

Emma Hutchison is a UQ Research Fellow in the School of Political Science and International Studies at the University of Queensland, Australia. Before this, she was the 2010 Australian European University Institute Postdoctoral Fellow at the European University Institute, Florence, Italy.

Her research focuses on emotions and trauma in world politics, particularly in relation to the politics and ethics of community, security, humanitarianism and international aid.

Her current key research projects examine:

  • Emotions and World Politics. This involves further research on the roles emotions play in world politics. It draws and extends upon Dr Hutchison's existing research and book, Affective Communities in World Politics: Collective Emotions After Trauma (Cambridge Studies in International Relations, Cambridge University Press, 2016 - winner of the BISA Susan Strange Book Prize for 2017) as well as collaborative work conducted together with Professor Roland Bleiker.
  • Emotions and the Politics of Humanitarianism. This new single authored project inquires into the links between emotions and the conception and practice of international humanitarianism. This project aims to examine the historical development and future of international humanitarianism by tracing the emotional origins and legacies that underpin humanitarian responsibilities in world politics. To do this, the research investigates how the history of representing distant suffering has enabled particular emotional discourses and practices through which humanitarianism is now conceived of and enacted. Research has already begun through an ARC Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions AI project on 'Disaster Imagery and the History of Humanitarian Emotions' and is being undertaken by way of a UQ Research Fellowship from January 2017. It will continue through both an ARC DECRA Fellowship on 'Emotions and the Future of International Humanitarianism' (DE180100029) and a UQ Foundation Research Excellence Award on 'Emotions and the History of Humanitarianism' from 2018.
  • Images and Humanitarian Crises. As part of a research team with Professor Roland Bleiker and Professor David Campbell, Dr Hutchison was awarded a 2010 ARC Discovery Grant for a project on 'How images shape responses to humanitarian crises' (DP110100546). This project entails a series of articles and co-authored book.

Along with these key research areas, Dr Hutchison is also interested in, and undertaking smaller projects on, the politics of aesthetics, visual culture, literature and contemporary feminism.

Further information on her research and forthcoming publications is available at both: and


Single-Authored Books

Affective Communities in World Politics: Collective Emotions After Trauma. Cambridge Studies in International Relations, Cambridge University Press, 2016. **Winner of the British International Studies Association Susan Strange Book Prize for 2017.

Edited Collections

Emotions and World Politics (with Roland Bleiker), in International Theory, Vol. 6, No. 3, 2014.

Journal Articles

"Emotions, Discourse and Power in World Politics" (with Roland Bleiker), International Studies Review, forthcoming in a special Forum section edited by Simon Koschut.

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"Fear No More: Emotions and World Politics" (with Roland Bleiker), Review of International Studies, Vol. 34, 2008.

Book Chapters

"Humanitarian Emotions Through History: Imaging Suffering and Performing Aid", forthcoming in Dolorès Martin Moruno and Beatriz Pichel (eds.), Emotional Bodies: Studies on the Historical Performativity of Emotions. Illinois: University of Illinois Press.

"Trauma", forthcoming in Roland Bleiker (ed.), Visual Global Politics. Interventions Book Series, Routledge.

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