Undergraduate study

Undergraduate Study

From International Relations to Public Policy, from Peace and Conflict Studies to Political Science, these are the areas of study that are essential to a comprehensive understanding of the world and the political structures in which we live. They are invaluable areas of study for any career in the modern globalised world.

Public Policy

The major in Public Policy is designed to help students come to grips with issues of modern governance in general, and with the institutions and processes of public policy in particular. Public policies give expression to the authoritative aims and actions of governments and agencies of the state. The making and implementing of public policy is the core function of the modern state. The main focus is on the political, institutional, economic, social and ideological forces that shape Australian governance and public policy.

You can study Public Policy as a major in the ​Bachelor of Arts or as a major in the Bachelor of Human Services.

International Relations

The major in International Relations seeks to integrate significant problems of international political economics, foreign policy analysis, international security studies, international relations theory, international organisations and international law and ethics into a more unified analytical framework.

You can study International Relations as a single major or an extended major in the ​Bachelor of Arts or as a single major in the Bachelor of International Studies.

Peace and Conflict Studies

Peace and conflict studies is assuming increasing importance both internationally and within nations, as governments and non-government organisations struggle to find ways of resolving conflicts without recourse to violence. The objective of the major in Peace and Conflict Studies and extended major in Peace and Conflict Studies is to train students in the understanding of the causes of political conflict and the possibilities of finding peaceful solutions to them. This requires development of diagnostic tools for the analysis of social and political situations, an understanding of the evaluation of alternative courses of action and a capacity to incorporate and understand values within political analysis. Examples in question range from recent conflicts in East Timor to aboriginal reconciliation.

Peace and Conflict Studies is available as a single major or extended major in a  Bachelor of Arts, as a single major in the Bachelor of International Studies and as a single major in the Bachelor of Human Services.

Political Science

Political science includes studies of political structures, processes and policies in Australia as well as other societies, the contemporary ideas, ideologies and theories that determine the framework for political decision making, and the organisational and diplomatic approaches to cooperation and conflict resolution in the international system. Study Political Science as a single major or an extended major in the ​Bachelor of Arts.