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School Research Seminar Series

This series brings together the School’s research community and domestic as well as international leaders in the field of politics and international affairs. Across each semester, the series showcases a diverse and exciting range of topics. 

Futures of International Order Seminar Series

This podcast will be available in the New Year. 

There is a widespread fear that the modern, ‘liberal’, international order is in crisis. Faced with multiple global challenges, from climate change and economic governance to nuclear arms control and global people movements, existing institutions increasingly appear outmoded, inefficient, and at times, dysfunctional. Meanwhile, existing institutional arrangements are being challenged by a diverse array of actors, from great powers (such as Russia) and transnational insurgents to right-wing nationalists. This university-wide seminar series is designed to foster an interdisciplinary dialogue on the possible futures of the modern international order. What challenges does it face, how will it evolve in the face of such challenges, what futures are desirable if it is to meet human and planetary needs?

Scholars are wrestling with these issues in a wide range of disciplines, from climate science and economics to history, philosophy, law, and political science. We have invited scholars from all fields currently working on issues relating to ‘futures of international order’ to present in this new seminar series. 

The Convenors of the program are Associate Professor Jacinta O’Hagan, Associate Professor Sarah Percy & Professor Chris Reus-Smit.


Visual Politics Seminar Series

We live in a visual age. Television, film, photographs, new media sources and artworks decisively influence how we perceive and deal with political phenomena as diverse as war, terrorism, refugees and financial crises. But we know surprisingly little about the exact nature and impact of this visual power. 

The purpose of this initiative is to address this gap. Building on existing strengths and resources we forge new interdisciplinary and large-scale collaborations within the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences as well as across UQ and internationally. Our goal is to establish UQ as a world-leading research hub for visual politics and make us competitive for major external funding sources.

Turning Points: International History Podcasts with Associate Professor Sarah Percy

Associate Professor Sarah Percy discusses pivotal events in international history such as the Cold War and the invasion of Afghanistan, and discusses their political implications. 

Trump Wednesdays with Associate Professor Andrew Phillips

Listen to the School's very own Associate Professor Andrew Phillips discuss President Trump on ABC Evenings with Kelly Higgins-Devine.

Why The Cold War Still Matters with Associate Professor Sarah Percy

The series 'Why the Cold War Still Matters' discusses how the Cold War ended, and why it matters for international politics. UQ Chancellor Peter Varghese AO and Associate Professor Andrew Phillips from the School of Political Science and International Studies also feature in the series. All podcasts are available for download on the ABC website

Unscripted with Alan Flurry with Dr Sebastian Kaempf

The very idea there is such a thing as the internet is an invention of science fiction. When William Gibson coined the term cyberspace in 1984 in the book Neuromancer, he described it as “a consensual hallucination." In this Unscripted interview, Senior Lecturer in Peace and Conflict Studies at the School of Political Science and International Studies at the University of Queensland Sebastian Kaempf explains why it is important not to think of the internet as a special kind of magic. Kaempf's general expertise lies in the areas of international security, the transformation of violent conflict, ethics and the laws of war, and the role a transforming global media landscape plays in contemporary conflicts.

Kaempf is the author of ‘Saving Soldiers or Civilians? Casualty-aversion versus Civilian Protection in Asymmetric Conflicts’ (Cambridge University Press, 2018)

HigherEd Heroes podcast series with Dr Sebastian Kaempf and Dr Alastair Stark

In the ‘HigherEd Heroes’ podcast series, we interview some of the best teachers at UQ to discuss ‘what works’ in their classrooms in a jargon-free, non-technical manner.

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