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How to Apply for an Assessment Remark


When applying for an Assessment Remark there is a process you need to undertake.


  • The first thing you should do is talk to he person who marked your assessment, this will allow you to gain more feed back and understand why the marker gave you the grade you received based on the criteria of the assessment
  • If this did not answer your concerns you should book an appointment to see your Course Coordinator (if they were not the person who marked your assessment) and discus the assessment and your concerns about the grade not matching the assessment criteria
  • You should then fill out the Request for Assessment Re-Mark Form and submit it to the Front Desk of the School of Political Science and International Studies (Level 5, Building 39a). Please make sure to include your written explanation of how the mark awarded does not reflect your performance with respect to the published assessment criteria for this piece of assessment


In all cases, a re-mark will replace the original mark for the piece of assessment in the calculation of the final grade which could result in a higher or lower grade.

For more information please read The University of Queensland's Policies and Procedures on Assessment Remarks