The Research Project/Report/Thesis option allows Masters program students of exceptional ability to engage in a major research project. Students are required to not only be self-motivated and self-disciplined, but also to determine and develop their own project in consultation with their supervisor.

Prospective students must nominate two preferred supervisors. While you are welcome to discuss your intention to apply and proposed research with a member of staff, this is not a requirement. Supervisors will be allocated by the School based on availability, expertise and a fair distribution of supervisory load across the School. Enrolment in the course will be contingent on the School’s capacity to identify appropriate supervision.

There are restrictions placed on entry to these courses. Check the course information page and your course profile for prerequisites and the application forms for further instruction.

All additional costs incurred by students undertaking this course remain the responsibility of the student.who in turn must have the workload capacity to supervise a student.

Course Information

POLS7120 (Research Project (MGPP) Full Time)
POLS7121 (Research Project (MGPP) Part Time Sem 1)
POLS7122 (Research Project (MGPP) Part Time Sem 2)
POLS7704 (Research Report)
POLS7708 (Research Thesis) (year-long course, commences Sem 1, previously POLS7705)
POLS7709 (Research Thesis) (year-long course, commences Sem 2, previously POLS7706)

Application Process

  • Application Form  This application form is a PDF. Please save as: FAMILY NAME, Given Name Student Number course code. Complete online wherever possible.
  • Step 1: Students considering undertaking these courses are encouraged to review course requirement information provided by the course coordinator. MGPP students may be required to meet with the course coordinator to discuss research topics and supervisor availability.
  • Step 2: Compile a 500 word research outline. This should include - Theoretical framework, Statement of the problem, Methodology, Limitations of the research and Significance of the topic.
  • Step 3: Submit the research outline and the above application form to from your student email account before the due date (For Semester 1 enrolment: 15 January, For Semester 2 enrolment: 15 June and For Summer Semester enrolment where offered: 15 October)
  • Students will be notified of the outcome of their application to their student email address approximately 2 weeks prior to the start of semester.



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