Testimonial - Master Peace & Conflict Studies Student Nadia Mahmood

"I am so grateful that the Graduate Center for Governance and International Studies offered a 2-day Master Class with Dr. Martin Weber on Political Ecology. It was a privilege to be able to be part of an inter-disciplinary group of students from around the world in both Master's and PHD programs. The Master Class was a valuable addition to my education and created space to both connect with students from other programs with converging interests, as well as learn more about Political Ecology, which is not part of my program's courses. 

The pre-readings were very relevant and provided the foundational knowledge needed to facilitate deeper discussion on important issues related to Political Ecology - beginning from contested epistemological foundations, the politics of interdisciplinary research, links to Political Economy and how one can use a Political Ecology lens to both locate and work towards alternative and more ecologically conscious, equitable and sustainable systems. 

What was particularly special was that although there was a well planned agenda, Martin's 'camp-fire style' allowed for organic discussions that could be unpacked further - which allowed the group to customize the content based on our personal and professional interests as well as covering a lot of ground in just two days. It was really a learner-driven class which was refreshing.  I keep thinking how amazing it is that the Center provided with a free opportunity to learn from and freely discuss our questions with an academic of the caliber of Dr. Marin Weber, who so freely and generously gave of his time, energy, knowledge and enthusiasm to help us learn, share, develop and question. I really hope the Center continues to have more Master Classes, seminars, and discussion forums where such valuable learning and sharing can take place in a non-evaluative setting. Thank you!"

Nadia Mahmood

Rotary Peace Fellow
Masters of Peace and Conflict Studies