Studying at The University of Queensland, was more than being at one of the best academic institutions in the world, it was a mindset shift and lifetime experience. During this experience, I had the opportunity to learn, exchange ideas with some of the most experienced  lecturers. In addition, I attended discussion forums organized by the School of Political Science which not only exposed me to the experiences of professionals of different fields, it was also an opportunity to learn from professionals how to use theoretical  frameworks  in real life in everyday professional activities. Being a student with Portuguese as my native language, and being a single mother of two young kids, I was only able to believe I could finish the course thanks to the unconditional support of teachers and the Master Program Coordinator. The access to the University services such as student center and international office were also crucial to ensure that I finished the course. Given this experience in Australia, after one year of work back in my home country, I was promoted from Technology Transfer Head of Department to Deputy General Director of Water Research Institute in Mozambique. The experience in this renowned institution that not only equipped me with theoretical models - it also change my core, to be bold and serve as an agent of change in my country,  community and family.  

Some of the Ongoing /Recent Activities

Technology Transfer

1. WasteWater treatment in Mozmbique,

Colaborative project between :Water Research Institute of Mozambique and National Water Institute of Argentina . MOU will be signed by Science Technology Minister and Argentina Ambassador in Mozambique .

2. Dessalination Unit implementation in Mozambique

Colaborative project between: Water Research Institute of Mozambique and Princeston from Czech Republic (

Water and education

3. Training sessions to school students and Private (small) Water Supply operators in rural areas

This project is undertaken by Water Research Institute to create awareness on students, community members, researchers and stakeholders ondifferent topics Instance “Importance of sustainable use of water ,water quality, water and sanitation, low-cost solutionsfor water treatment.