Dr Sarah Teitt

Deputy Director Asia Pacific Centre for the Responsibility to Protect (R2P),ARC DECRA Snr Research Fellow


World Peace (And How We Can Achieve It)

Alex J. Bellamy

  • Boldly sets out the case for the possibility of world peace
  • One of the first books on peace to take seriously the ideas and forces that sustain war, and examines and recognizes these forces rather than dismissing them
  • Identifies the practical steps that can be taken to nudge the world towards peace

Ms Ros Roche

School Manager Suggests:

“The Righteous Mind: Why good people are divided by politics and religion”

by Jonathan Haidt

Why can it sometimes feel as though half the population is living in a different moral universe? Why do ideas such as 'fairness' and 'freedom' mean such different things to different people? And why do political views which conflict with our own often seem illogical? Social psychologist Jonathan Haidt reveals how the conflict, self-righteousness and hypocrisy that can make it so hard for us to get along are actually the natural expression of our moral minds. Drawing on twenty-five years of groundbreaking research, Haidt shows how moral judgments arise not from reason but from intuition, and why we evolved to be this way. Morality binds and blinds, but this book will help you to see and understand your friends, enemies and fellow citizens as never before. 'If you want to know why you hold your moral beliefs and why many people disagree with you, read this book.' Simon Baron-Cohen, author of The Essential Difference 'A truly seminal book.' David Goodhart, Prospect 'A tour de force - brave, brilliant, and eloquent. It will challenge the way you think about liberals and conservatives, atheism and religion, good and evil.' Paul Bloom, author of How Pleasure Works 'Compelling . . . a fluid combination of erudition and entertainment.' Ian Birrell, Observer 'Lucid and thought-provoking . . . deserves to be widely read.' Jenni Russell, Sunday Tim

Dr Prudence Brown

Suggests - If you are after something a little different in fiction, I’d recommend any books by Rabih Alameddine – but especially “The Hakawati” and “An Unneccessary Woman”.

As well, everyone should read “Dark Emu” by Bruce Pascoe.

For light reading poking fun at the British upper class and brilliant comic prose, P G Wodehouse’s books have been reissued recently. Any of the Jeeves books are fun. If you are a golfer, or know a golfer, then you should read “The Clicking of Cuthbert”.

Dr Sebastian Kaempf

Director of Research Training for Higher Degree Research, Senior Lecturer


Teaching International Relations through the Format of a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)


Sousveilling the ‘Global War on Terror’

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