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Governance and Public PolicyStudying Governance and Public Policy will provide you with an advanced understanding of twenty-first century governance and public policy and equip you with a transferable skill set that will allow you to succeed in your public or private sector career. Our graduates have the intellectual toolkit to meaningfully address key policy issues and improve policy outcomes and as a consequence, can be found in senior ministerial and public service positions around the world.

International Relations

Studying in the area of International Relations delivers an advanced understanding of some of the greatest issues and challenges in contemporary world politics, international security, foreign affairs and international and regional governance. Whether you are looking for a career in government, at the World Bank or non-government organisations, in major project management or journalism, this will equip you with the necessary analytical and practical skills for your career.

Peace and Conflict Studies

Studying Peace and Conflict Studies builds your knowledge about the forces that generate contemporary conflict and the processes and practices that contribute to conflict prevention, resolution and peacebuilding. Our students graduate with the knowledge and practical skills they need to engage in conflict analysis and resolution, peacekeeping and peacebuilding in the contemporary global context.

Master of International Relations / Master of International LawStudying the dual masters will allow students to understand the links between international politics and international law, including how political events can shape international legal decision making; the impact of law on trade, international security, and other political issues; and how politics and law mutually shape each other.


Mediation and Conflict Resolution

The Graduate Certificate in Mediation and Conflict Resolution provides you with the skills to negotiate, mediate, manage and resolve disputes in a range of professional settings, from small individual disputes to large-scale, international, and multi-party conflicts. 

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