What is Mediation and Conflict Resolution?


The Graduate Certificate in Mediation and Conflict Resolution provides you with the skills to negotiate, mediate, manage and resolve disputes in a range of professional settings, from small individual disputes to large scale, international, and multi-party conflicts. 

Professional Development

The core course in Mediation is a professional development option for students interested in national accreditation as mediators. The course meets National Mediator Accreditation Standards. We also offer optional NMAS Video Assessment

Our program gives you a wide range of career choices, including in conflict resolution, international peace building, private practice as mediators, or as mediators or conciliators in organisations like the Industrial Relations Commission, the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission, Family Relationships Centres, or the Residential Tenancies Authority.

Many of our graduates can be found working in international development contexts, using their skills in post-conflict countries and working as development consultants or with international organisations.