Josephine is a mainland Torres Strait Islander, born in Townsville, North Queensland.  She is a Gumulgal woman of Mabuiag Island through her father's ancestral line with links to Moa Island. On her mothers line Josephine's ancestry links to Badu, Mer and Dawar Islands. Her research interests focus on governance, leadership and organisational development by Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander peoples.  Josephine's knowledges stems from her professional experiences in national Indigenous governance, organisational development and Indigenous youth leadership development.  

Researcher biography

Josephine is passionate about First Nations peoples rebuilding governance structures and protecting what is most important to them. Josephine was involved in the establishment of the National Congress of Australia's First Peoples (2009-2011) and a member of the Expert Panel on Indigenous Constitutional Recognition (2010-2012). Josephine contributed to the Referendum Council's work on developing the Uluru Statement (2016-2017) as a technical advisor and facilitator at regional dialogues across Australia. Josephine was a member of Queensland's Path to Treaty Eminent Panel (2019-2020) and is currently a member of the Treaty Advancement Committee (2021). Her research is focussed on how First Nations' leaders can translate their values, aspirations and principles into public policy, programs and organisations.