Researcher biography

Dr Melinda Rankin is Postdoctoral Research Fellow at The University of Queensland. Prior to this, she was Visiting Research Fellow at the Centre for Global Constitutionalism, WZB Social Science Centre Berlin; and Lecturer at The University of Sydney. Rankin is the author of the first intellectual and political study of Mary Kaldor, titled 'The Political Life of Mary Kaldor: Ideas and Action in International Relations' (Lynne Rienner Publishing, 2017); and is writing a forthcoming book for Cambridge University Press, which outlines a basic framework for the 'system' of international criminal and humanitarian law for practitioners and scholars.

Rankin has published policy articles for Global Public Policy Institute (GPPi), Berlin; and Lowy Institute for International Policy, Sydney. She is Associate at Sydney Democracy Network; and Member of the International Society of Public Law, New York.

Rankin's current research project extends Kaldor's concept 'cosmopolitian law enforcement' and HLA Hart's concept of law to show how traditional views of organised violence, the law, and the relationship between power and the law in the international order are increasingly challenged in light of the formation and extension of the 'system' of international criminal and humanitarian law (ICHL). For this project, Rankin has explored inter alia innovations in ICHL, including the Commission of International Justice and Accountability (CIJA); the work of the German Public Prosecutor General's Office and the evolution of German universal jurisdiction; and the International, Impartial and Independent Mechanism (IIIM) for Syria, amongst others.

Prior to her academic career, Dr Rankin worked in projects, business operations, data governance, policy and strategy for groups such as JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank, and Bank of New York (London); and MLC and Genworth (Sydney).