Researcher biography

Elizabeth Strakosch is a senior lecturer in public policy and governance, and her work focuses on Indigenous policy, colonialism, political relationships, bureaucracy and new public management. Her research explores the connections between political relationships and policy systems in Australia and other settler contexts. contexts. Elizabeth is a non-Indigenous scholar who aims to carry out politically located research that respects Indigenous sovereignty.

She completed her PhD in political science at the University of Queensland in 2011, and worked as a research fellow on a multi-site study of performance measurement in Australian social policy. In 2013, she took up an early career fellowship at the Institute for Culture and Society at the University of Western Sydney, and in 2014 joined the School of Political Science and International Studies at UQ.

She is author of Neoliberal Indigenous Policy: Settler Colonialism and the 'Post-Welfare' State, and co-editor of the forthcoming volume Bureaucratic Occupation: Government and First Nations Peoples. In 2020 her AJPS article, "The technical is political: settler colonialism and the Indigenous policy system" won the APSA Mayer Journal Prize. She is currently working with colleagues at the University of Melbourne on the ARC project Revitalising Indigenous-State Relations, and developing a comparative study of Australian and US Indigenous policy relationships.