Master of Governance & Public Policy

Governance and Public Policy

Boost your policy career and gain an advanced understanding of twenty-first century governance and public policy.  

Studying Governance and Public Policy equips you with the skills that will allow you to succeed in your public or private sector career. You'll develop a knowledge of the processes and procedures through which governments and public policy works. Our graduates have the skills to analyse key policy issues and improve policy outcomes, and to effectively communicate across cultural, political, and corporate lines.

Enhance your ability to make your mark as a provider of key policy insights and innovative business strategies either in the private sector, within national and international agencies, or in government departments and non-government organisations. 

Programs offered

Depending on your undergraduate qualifications and experience you may be eligible for the following programs:

Master of Governance and Public Policy (#16)
Master of Governance and Public Policy (#24)
Master of Governance and Public Policy (#32)
Graduate Diploma in Governance and Public Policy
Graduate Certificate in Governance and Public Policy

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Program Convenor Dr Frank Mols


School of Political Science and International Studies

+61 7 336 59024

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