“30 Years on from the Cold War. What has Changed - What has Not!”

"The end of the Cold War was meant to be the ‘end of history’, with liberal democracy and ‘free markets’ triumphant globally. Instead, democracy is in retreat, right-wing populists are on the march in many societies, and China’s rise appears to offer a new economic model and challenge the US’ global leadership. Thirty years on, it is time to take stock. What has changed, what has not, and how did we get here?"

The panel moderator, Associate Professor Sarah Percy, lead panellists Associate Professor Shahar Hameiri, Associate Professor Andrew Phillips, Associate Professor Nicole George and Associate Professor Marianne Hanson through a series of topics associated with the theme. 

The event was followed by a cocktail function allowing colleagues, academic staff,alumni and students
from the School of Political Science and International Studies to catch up.