Travel has never been more important than in today’s globally connected world. It broadens horizons, breaks down cultural barriers and is a catalyst for building lifelong relationships. However, for many it remains out of reach.

To help answer the need for more students to access travel opportunities, the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at The University of Queensland (UQ) has established the HASS Globetrotters Grant.

Through this grant, our community can join us in supporting students undertaking unique transformative experiences abroad.

When an experience falls outside the realm of traditional study abroad, students can face particularly challenging financial obstacles. Students from any discipline at the faculty can apply to realise their global aspirations.

Earlier this year Alex Stenlake, an Honours student with the School of Political Science, was invited to the United States to present his work on data algorithms at Princeton and Harvard.

To support this powerful endeavour, the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences selected Alex as the first recipient of funding from the HASS Globetrotters Grant.

Alex said the opportunity provided to him through the fund transformed his career.

“This journey was an enormous boon to my career progression. Not only was it a chance to reach my target audience of researchers, but it also allowed me to network with influential scholars from the top of the field,” Alex said.

“The grant was designed to change lives – to find a way to support students in grand endeavours not covered by the standard approaches. For me, it meant more than just a trip to create future contacts or to promote my work. The grant supporting me meant that somebody else shared my vision, and saw the promise I saw.

“This grant not only validates the ideas of UQ students; it’s a reassurance to the person behind those ideas that you are supported through your challenges, and are not alone.

“I hope that in the future, we can all point to the grant’s support as the point where students’ stories exploded into colour,” Alex said.