Jaime Olvera

Student Interview - Jaime Olvera Masters in Governance and Public Policy

Jaime had been working in the Ministry of Education in Mexico City for two years when he decided he would like to undertake further study.I felt I had reached my limit in my job and wanted to expand my horizons professionally and personally. I also wanted to experience another kind of life and was interested in Australia, so I started my research.

“The Master of Governance and Public Policy at The University of Queensland was the only program I found that allowed me to study public policy along with natural resource management.  I wanted to specialize in this area as my country needs these skills.”

Jaime was fortunate to receive a scholarship which goes toward his living expenses while he is in Australia.

“The National Council for Science and Technology in Mexico (CONACYT) offers scholarship twice a year for people who want to study in foreign countries on the condition that they attend one of the top 100 universities in the world.

“The idea is that those students will return to Mexico and their skills will be of benefit to the wider population.”

“I had saved to pay my tuition fees also and I would advise people that they need to be prepared and conscious that it is expensive to live and study overseas. Australia is great because you can work up to 20 hours a week on a student visa, but this will not be enough to live on and pay fees.”

Jaime is now in his third semester of study and is happy he chose to study at UQ.

“I have found the academic staff passionate about their subjects and very accessible and willing to give of their time to advise students.

“There are also many international students at the university and bonds develop quickly between people.

“One of the greatest advantages for me though is having people from many different backgrounds and experiences in the one classroom contributing to discussions and debates.”