Library Facilities

The University Library is the largest in Queensland and contains over 1,540,000 volumes of books and periodicals as well as microfilm and audio-visual material. The collection is growing at an average rate of 40,000 volumes per year. There are 19,690 current periodical titles. Online retrieval facilities exist with access to major Australian and overseas databases, and the Library itself has been refurbished to integrate advanced information technology systems with traditional services. An inter-library loan service is available between all Australian campuses and public libraries.

Computer Facilities

Staff and students of the School have access to a comprehensive range of computing facilities including specialist research software and internet access. The University provides all new students with a free email account and with limited internet access.

School Facilities

The School has available shared office accommodation for use by full-time postgraduate research students. The School also provides photocopying, printing, mail, telephone and facsimile facilities, and School stationery for appropriate purposes.

Research and Conference Funding in the School

Postgraduate research students may apply to the School's Research Committee for financial assistance for appropriate expenses directly incurred in research toward the degree. Appropriate expenses may include such items as postage, printing and data management costs associated with survey research, specialised software, and travel expenses associated with fieldwork research. The Research Committee allocates funds on the basis of an evaluation of project applications. Research Postgraduate students in their second and subsequent years in the program are encouraged to present papers reporting their research at the major professional conferences. The School also offers financial support for this type of activity.

The level of funding available is subject to change depending on financial circumstances. PhD students can apply for up to $4,500 in total over the whole period of their candidature.