Humanitarian Photography and International Organizations

7 September 2016 4:00pm5:30pm
Professor Davide Rodogno, Graduate Institute Geneva

Fragile Finance and China’s Economic Future - CANCELLED

2 September 2016 1:00pm
Professor Stephen Bell (POLSIS/UQ) & Dr Hui Feng (Griffith University)


31 August 2016 6:00pm
Introduced by Ros Roche

How to start a revolution

24 August 2016 6:00pm
Introduced by Dr Nicole George

ASEAN, Anti-politics, and Human Rights

19 August 2016 1:00pm
Dr Kelly Gerard
University of Western Australia

Good Bye Lenin

17 August 2016 6:00pm
Introduced by UQ United Nations Student Association

Recapturing Just War from the Ethicists

12 August 2016 1:00pm
Professor Ian Clark

The Matrix

3 August 2016 6:00pm
Introduced by Prof Gillian Whitehouse

Black Hawk Down

27 July 2016 6:00pm8:30pm
Introduced by Galih Imaduddin

Risk, Technology and the Future: Five Challenges for Governments to Manage in an Age of Intense Uncertainty

3 June 2016 1:00pm2:30pm
Prof. Karen Hussey Deputy Director of the Global Change Institute presents this week's Research Seminar

On the Coherence of Cosmopolitan Humility

27 May 2016 1:00pm2:30pm
Associate Professor Luis Cabrera from Griffith University presents this week