Dr Phillips is an Associate Professor of International Relations and Strategy in the School of Political Science and International Studies at the University of Queensland. His research focuses on war, strategy and international order, with a particular focus on Great Power rivalry and asymmetric violence as drivers of transformative change in world politics. His works include From Hollywood to Bollywood? Recasting Australia’s Indo/Pacific Strategic Geography (Australian Strategic Policy Institute, 2016) and How the East Was Won: Barbarian Conquerors, Universal Conquest and the Making of Modern Asia (Cambridge University Press, 2021). From 2024-2028, he will be an Australia Research Council Future Fellow, investigating how, when and why rising powers have won regional domination in Asia from 1500CE-present.

Image credit: rangizzz via Adobe Stock (2023)

About School Research Seminar Series

This series brings together the School’s research community and domestic as well as international leaders in the field of politics and international affairs. Across each semester, the series showcases a diverse and exciting range of topics. All are welcome to attend.

For any inquiries, please contact Emily Sievers (polsis.ea@uq.edu.au). 
Please note that many past research seminars are recorded and are available online. 

The Research Seminar Series program for Semester 2, 2023 



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