"Civilisations in World Politics" Prof Peter Katzenstein Masterclass Monday 11 July

Professor Peter Katzenstein of Cornell University will conduct this Masterclass for the Graduate Centre in Governance and International Affairs.

"Civilisations in World Politics"

How civilisational ideas and practices shape world politics is a growing international concern, as Western hegemony is challenged by the rise of non-Western great powers and transnational religious insurgencies.
Renowned international relations scholar Professor Peter Katzenstein is a leading authority on the nature of civilisations and their role in shaping world politics.
This MasterClass will critically engage the ideas developed in his recent trilogy: Civilisations in World Politics (2009), Anglo-America and Its Discontents (2012), and Sinicization and the Rise of China (2012).

Open to all academic staff, RHD, Masters and Honours students.

Places are limited - register now by email to polsis.gradcentre@uq.edu.au
Readings will be circulated in advance to registered

Monday 11 July 2016

Room 537, Building 39a