Congratulations Seb Kaempf on ISA award

4 Nov 2019

Congratulations to Dr Seb Kaempf, who has been announced as winner of the 2020 Deborah Gerner Award, the International Studies Association (ISA)’s annual award for innovative teaching. The ISA is the global association of international politics academics, comprising over 7,000 members. Its annual teaching award is granted to an academic who ‘has developed effective new approaches to teaching in the discipline’ and who has ‘employed pedagogies that engage students with issues of war, peace, identity, sovereignty, security, and sustainability—economic, environmental, or ethical—as they are evolving in the 21st century’. 

Seb will receive this award at the ISA Annual Convention in Hawaii in March 2020. At the School of Political Science and International Studies, he teaches ‘Introduction to Peace and Conflict Analysis’ (Pols1501), ‘Global Media, War and Peace’ (Pols3512), ‘Studying Peace and Conflict’ (Pols7551), and is the creator and convener of Mediawarx: Global Media, War, and Technology, one of UQ’s free, online, and open courses.

For more information on Dr Seb Kaempf, please visit his staff profile: For more information on the Deborah Gerner Award, please visit…/Awards/Deborah-Gerner-Innovative-T…