The 3MT is an academic competition that challenges PhD students to describe their research within three minutes to a general audience. The first ever 3MT was held at UQ in 2008 with 160 HDR students competing. 3MT celebrates the discoveries made by research students and encourages them to communicate the importance of their research to the broader community.

Over 250 UQ HDR students participated in the competition in 2017 and had a chance to win up to $8,000 in prizes! Click here for more details on the competition.

On Friday 13th July, POLSIS held their School heat. The Head of School, Associate Professor Richard Devetak accepted the role of Chair of Judges and generously donated prizes of $200 for the winner and $100 for the runner-up. Diana McCluskey (Graduate Centre manger) and Lorraine Cherney (POLSIS HDR student) kindly volunteered to complete the judging panel. There was also a People’s Choice Award where all attendees voted to select their favourite, with the prize being donated by Diana McCluskey.

The contestants were Shreya Singh on her thesis “Visualizing India and North Korea's Nuclear Tests”, Paul Crawford on his thesis “The problem of securitizing refugees: migration, identity, and ontological security”, Raditya Kusumaningprang on his thesis “Middle Powers and the Re-negotiation of Regional Order in East Asia: The Case of Indonesia”, Galih Imaduddin on his thesis “The Management of Knowledge in the Public Sector: A Qualitative case study of Knowledge Sharing Practices among Indonesian Primary Care Professionals” and Megan Price on her thesis “The Politics of International Legitimacy: Indonesia and Sri Lanka's justifications for the use of force“.

The standard of the presentations was extremely high and the judges were spilt on their decision. After much deliberation, the judges agreed  on a winner – Raditya Kusumaningprang with Shreya Singh coming in a very close second. Shreya also won the people’s choice award.

Raditya will now go onto the HASS Final on Monday 13 August, 12-2pm in the Leonian Room, St Leo’s College.  Register now

Congratulations to all our contestants and good luck to Raditya and Shreya on your next rounds!