The central objective of these guidelines is to provide a transparent and equitable allocation of HDR desk space and resources within the School. The School’s approach is in accordance with the UQ Graduate School Infrastructure Guidelines, in particular section 3.1 of these Guidelines reproduced below

Principles for Room Allocation

  1. Wherever possible, commencing Higher Dedree by Research students will be accommodated on Level 5 of GPN3 for the first 12 months of their candidature. In order to accommodate this, HDR students can generally expect to move from Level 5 to another location if they have been enrolled for more than 12 months. In determining which students will be required to move in order to enable access to Level 5 space for new students, those who have been enrolled in their program the longest (based on the number of full-time equivalent semesters enrolled) will be asked to move first.
  2. In order to minimise disruption, students will normally only be asked to move at set time periods outside the teaching semesters (i.e. in January/February and June/July). However, in exceptional circumstances (such as loss of rooms due to decisions made elsewhere in the University), students may have to move at other times.
  3. HDR students who are absent from their desk space for longer than a three month period must vacate their desk and may be allocated a different desk on their return. Any student absent for three weeks to three months should ensure that their desk is cleared for temporary use by another student during that time. Such absences must be notified to the School Manager well in advance. On submission, HDR students are expected to discuss the timing for vacating their desk with the School Manager – where possible, students will have access to a desk until their final corrections have been made.
  4. HDR students who are engaged in teaching and/or research assistant roles in the School will have the needs of these roles considered in allocating space. Teaching staff whose allocated space does not allow for effective consultation will have access to a designated consultation space to be determined each semester. Research assistants requiring specific resources to conduct their work will have these needs met wherever possible – in such cases the academic staff member for whom they are working is required to provide the School Manager with a written justification of the requirements and how any additional costs (e.g. for work involving phone calls) will be met. This principle recognises the University’s obligations under s21.3 of the Enterprise Agreement 2010-2013 that casual employees ‘…will be provided with reasonable access, commensurate with available resources, to University facilities to enable them to perform University work’.
  5. HDR students who believe their individual or research project needs require special or additional facilities may, with the written support of their supervisor, apply to the School Manager for special consideration. Determinations on such requests will be made by the School Manager in consultation with the HDR Coordinator and Head of School.


HDR Students' Rights and Responsibilities Related to Space Allocation

  1. Students have a right to facilities allocated in line with the principles outlined above and UQ Graduate School guidelines.
  2. The School is committed to providing HDR students with access to a desk, computing facilities, a telephone, lockable cabinet/ drawer space and bookshelf space regardless of the location of rooms. Additional facilities, such as copying and printing facilities, will be provided wherever this is feasible.
  3. Students have a right to notification as early as possible about the timing of an impending move and to appropriate assistance (such as access to boxes and trolleys) to facilitate the move. In cases where students cannot be contacted, their belongings will be carefully packed and stored in the School until their return.
  4. Students have a responsibility to keep their desk space and associated facilities clean, and to have consideration for other students sharing the space.
  5. Students have a responsibility to notify the School Manager in advance when they are vacating their allocated space temporarily or permanently, and to return all keys (including for lockable cabinets and drawers) if they will be absent for three months or more.