The School of Political Science and International Studies is committed to building relationships with scholars from Australia and overseas.

The Visiting Scholars Program aims to encourage exceptional scholars working in areas relevant to the Schools research strengths to spend a period of time researching and collaborating with scholars within the School.

The School's visiting scholarships have proven to be keenly sought after and highly competitive.

The Program is ideally suited to scholars who are on sabbatical or research leave and who are interested in collaborating with academic members of staff in the School. Visiting Scholars will receive computer access, library privileges and academic standing within The University of Queensland.

What we will provide

In 2019, the School will provide financial support for a maximum of two Visiting Scholars. This support comprises up to $2500 for a direct return economy airfare and up to $250 per week for maximum of 10 weeks in living allowances for each successful candidate. Of these 10 weeks, at least 4 weeks must coincide with one of the School's teaching semesters (mid February to mid June or mid July to early November). Financial assistance is only available to Visitors who agree to be present and active members of the School community.

The School will provide computing facilities and desk space (normally in a shared room) for Visiting Scholars as well as access to the University’s library facilities including online databases.

What we require of a Visiting Scholar

The purpose of the Visiting Scholars Program is to bring to the School exceptional scholars who can contribute to and enrich its intellectual and research activities. Therefore, in addition to conducting their own research, Visitors will be expected to actively participate in one or more of the following activities in the School:

  • Undertaking collaborative research with School Staff
  • Presenting a 'master class' on their work or an area of expertise
  • Presenting a paper or work-in-progress statement as part of the School's Seminar Program
  • Giving a formal lecture to the School or wider community
  • Attending small informal discussion groups to provide feedback to research students

Further to this the School requests that visiting scholars include UQ as an affiliation in any publications based on work they have conducted during their time as a Visiting Scholar and notify the School when relevant items are published.

Application Guidelines and Procedures
  1. Visitors will need to be sponsored by a member of the School's Academic Staff. As a first step, applicants should contact a member of the School's academic staff to discuss working on a collaborative research project. Upon acceptance, this staff member is required to sponsor the application, assist the applicant to complete the formal application process, and if successful, help organise the Visitor’s activities in the School.
  2. Applicants are required to email to the attention of the School Manager at by 15 June 2018 a letter which:
  • identifies their area of expertise and research interest
  • identifies their collaborator or sponsor in the School
  • briefly describes their proposed research collaboration and objectives of the proposed visit
  • confirms that the applicant has sabbatical leave or a similar independent source of financial support for their stay in Brisbane
  • includes the Visiting Academic's curriculum vitae and contact details
  • identifies the commencement and expiry date of proposed period of stay, and level of finance assistance required
  1. Successful applicants are informally notified by 31 July of the year of application. Successful applicants are then asked to supply a letter of support from their home institution by 15 August in the year of application.
  2. An official invitation letter with funding support details will be send to the visitor(s) in November of the year of application.

The appointment of Visiting Scholars is subject to the approval of the Head of School and the Executive Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. Appointments will be made only where the applicants meet criteria that the University imposes to protect its reputation for excellence and to ensure that it extends invitations which meet relevant legal requirements (particularly with respect to information supplied by visitors which they intend to use as part of a visa application).

Contact Details

For more information on the Visiting Scholars Program, please contact our School Manager:

Phone: +61 7 3365 2517
Fax: +61 7 3365 1388