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Areas of responsibility

The duties of the Pro-Vice-Chancellor fall broadly into three areas of activity. As the standing deputy to Professor Aidan Byrne, UQ's Provost and Senior Vice-President, the Pro-Vice-Chancellor will act for him in his absence as well as support and drive initiatives led by his Office. A second dimension to the role relates to strategy and planning. The PVC is the academic lead in relation to the activities of the Planning and Business Intelligence team. A priority in this area is to develop data analytics to assist decision-makers in aligning their organizational units' priorities with the overall strategy of the University. The final dimension to the role is connected to people and culture. The PVC is the relevant senior executive for matters relating to staffing and employee relations, including involvement in enterprise bargaining, staff development, and staff conduct and performance: related, developing and shaping policies and procedures that promote excellence, enhance capability, value diversity, and improve the culture of UQ as a place to work. The position of Pro-Vice-Chancellor reports to the Provost and is a member of the University's Executive and Academic Board.


Tim brings to the role 25 years of experience as researcher, educator and academic leader. His most recent appointment was Executive Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at The University of Queensland (UQ). Tim was the first Dean of the new Faculty after its inauguration in 2014; under his leadership, the Faculty has established itself as among the very best in Australia and competitive internationally across many disciplinary areas. Prior to his four-year term as Dean, Tim was the Director of UQ's Asia Pacific Centre for the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) as well as Professor of International Relations in the School of Political Science (which has remained his substantive position since he joined UQ in 2010). He previously held discipline and faculty-level leadership roles at the University of Exeter (UK). Tim began his career at Aberystwyth University in Wales, which is famous for having the oldest and one of the best departments of International Relations in the world. His graduate training was completed at the University of Oxford.

He is internationally recognised for his work on human rights protection and foreign policy-making in a changing world order. He has written and co-edited eleven books, including Human Rights in World Politics (1999), Worlds in Collision (2002), and Terror in our Time (2012). Most recently he has collaborated with colleagues in the School of Political Science and International Studies to produced two significant edited volumes: The Oxford Handbook of the Responsibility to Protect (2016) co-edited with Alex Bellamy, and The Globalization of International Society (2017) co-edited with Christian Reus-Smit. Tim has extensive experience as a co-editor of leading journals, including the European Journal of International Relations (2009-2013) and the Review of International Studies (1998-2002). His current research projects include a re-issue of the edited classic Diplomatic Investigations: Essays in the Theory of International Politics; the new edition has been put together with Ian Hall at Griffith University and will be published by Oxford University Press in 2018. Additionally, he is working with Richard Devetak, Head of Political Science at UQ, on an innovative and multi-disciplinary project called 'The Rise of the International'. In recognition of his scholarly contribution, Tim was elected Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences Australia in 2016.

Tim brings a strong commitment to teaching and learning exemplified by his engagement in professional training of diplomats and senior armed forces in Europe, Africa and Australia. He is looking forward to teaching a new Masters course on 'humanitarian emergencies' with Constance Duncombe, scheduled for Semester 1 2018. In addition to traditional academic publications, Tim has been a regular contributor to high profile websites and newspapers. He is active in social media. To follow Tim on Twitter: @timdunneAPR2P