Researcher biography

I am currently a UQ Fellow at the School of Political Science and International Studies within the University of Queensland. I am working on masculinities and the local turn in peacebuilding with a direct focus on hybridity and gender orders. I completed my PhD in 2014 which examined the role of masculinity in constructing new wars. My research explores large scale conceptual problems within security with a particular emphasis on the social and structural role of gender. By examining the breakdown of relationships between groups of men in Sierra Leone and South Sudan my work found that the emergence of virulent conflict during the 1990s could be conceptualized as a form of aggressive gender politics challenging the prevailing gender order. Prior to my PhD research, I completed a BA (hons) at the University of Melbourne majoring in International Studies and Philosophy. I have also conducted work with the United Nations multi-programme agency Partners for Prevention on masculinities in Aceh Indonesia. My interests are particularly on critical security studies, intra-state conflict and Critical Studies of Men and Masculinities. Currently, I am working on: - The concept of good men and good masculinities within the international sphere - The gendered politics of peacebuilding as it relates to structural power between groups of men - The utility of radical feminist concepts within feminist International Relations Theory - The politics of citation practices within the field of IR.