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Researcher biography

Lee Wilson works on issues of security broadly conceived in Asia and the Pacific. His BA is from the School of Oriental and African Studies, part of the University of London, and his doctorate is from the University of Cambridge. He has conducted research in Indonesia on ethnicity, nationalism, authority and power, and most recently, security governance, and the effects of democratization on Indonesian foreign policy. In Papua New Guinea he has worked on communal conflict and violence. Recent publications include a monograph, 'Martial Arts and the Body Politic in Indonesia' (Brill 2015), and the co-edited volume, 'Southeast Asian Perspectives on Power' (Routledge 2012). His current research interests include the militarization of Indonesian civil society, and the ways in which communal security has become a space in which local politics and power are contested after decentralization.

He also has interests in the design and use of new technologies in development settings, and is the editor with James Leach of 'Subversion, Conversion, Development: Cross Cultural Knowledge Exchange and the Politics of Design' (MIT Press 2014). In the UK he has worked on interdisciplinarity and innovation in the UK economy across the public sector, business and academia, and maintains a strong interest in breaking down the barriers to collaborating in the production and sharing of knowledge across diverse domains.