Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies with Professor Alex Bellamy

This course provides an advanced introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies, providing a broad overview of the different approaches to the field, the global context and emerging trends. In particular, it considers different theories about the causes of war and violence and the trends and patterns in violent conflict. It also examines the historical evolution of thinking about peace and different approaches to the question of peace. Students will also examine global efforts to restrain war and conflict through collective and common security, ethical and legal restraints on war and institutions. Finally, the course will turn to specific practices and politics associated with the pursuit of peace and management of war, looking at the ethics and laws of war the delivery of humanitarian aid, and transitional justice. The course will illustrate these themes through engagement with historical and contemporary cases including the major wars of the twentieth century and more recent armed conflicts such as the civil wars in Syria and Iraq.

Professor Alex Bellamy

Director Asia Pacific Centre for the Responsibility to Protect (R2P)

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