Hybridity, Local Peace and Governance with Dr Jodie Curth-Bibb

Do you want to know what is happening on the ground in (post)conflict and ‘developing’ countries? Do you want to explore the everyday lived experienced of people in local peace building, conflict management and governance? Then this new course is for you!
The course begins by exploring the theoretical arguments around statebuilding, hybrid political orders, hybrid peace and governance and what is referred to as the ‘local turn’. In doing so we explore legal pluralism and hybrid approaches to policing and security before critically engaging with these concepts.
Once the key concepts are bedded down we take a close look at what the ‘local’ and hybridity means in practice through a series of guest lectures covering a range of case studies. Guest lecturers share stories as practitioners and field researchers from Indonesia, China, Indigenous Australia, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, and Pacific Island Countries.
Essentially this course is focused on how governing and law and order gets done when the state (physically or legitimately) does not reach
all people.

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