About Roundtable Discussion | Morality, integrity and corruption in public life: Do we need a new public service ethos?

The ethical principles that public leaders ought to serve are often described in terms of a ‘public service ethos’. When the beliefs and practices of public servants reflect the ethos public support and legitimacy ensues. However, ongoing issues with integrity and corruption in Australia suggest that the ethos needs to be revisited. This roundtable will bring together a panel of academic experts and practitioners to reflect on what principles and practices need to change to improve ethical standards in public life so that we can all benefit from a public sector ethos that is fit for purpose in the twenty-first century.

Join us for a roundtable discussing these issues, at 5pm on Wednesday, 5 October. Light refreshments will be provided following the event. 
Attend in person in ModWest Building, room 110/111, or via Zoom: https://uqz.zoom.us/j/89946019432


Jen O’Farrell

CEO, QLD Crime and Corruption Commission

Professor Brian Head

UQ School of Political Science

and International Studies

Professor AJ Brown

Griffith University

Professor Adil Khan

UQ School of Social Sciences


110/111, ModWest Building (#11A)