About 2015 Film Series

Since 2012, the School of Political Science and International Studies runs a documentary/film series each semester. Screenings feature various films and film documentaries that address important themes of concern for the study of Political Science and International Studies and are open to all students and staff of the School and the University.

The series is designed to run in parallel to the School's teaching and act both as a supplement to the courses and as an informal discussion forum about the politics of docs/films in general. Anyone at UQ, whether currently enrolled in POLSIS courses or not, is welcome to attend. Each session will be introduced by a member of the POLSIS teaching team who will also facilitate a post-screening discussion and Q&A. You can also follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/polsisfilmseries

This series is convened by Dr. Alissa Macoun and Dr Seb Kaempf. They are always keen to hear your feedback and suggestions (both in terms of the format as well as potential films and documentaries to be screened in future). Please send comments to a.macoun@uq.edu.au and s.kaempf@uq.edu.au.