Program evaluation is used by government agencies, NGOs and multilateral organisations to monitor and judge their activities and the activities of organisations they fund. There are many forms of program evaluation - focusing on performance and accountability, or learning about implementation, or aiming to improve program delivery, and sometimes providing means for citizens to critique government programs. This session will introduce you to evaluation theory and a range of approaches to evaluation, and together we will work through the process of planning an evaluation.


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Bio: Keryn Hassall works as an evaluation consultant across policy areas. She combines evaluation theory with ideas from philosophy, public administration research and organisation theory to inform evaluation practice. Her consultancy work is primarily formative and process evaluation helping government agencies to clarify program theory, understand the context, improve program design and implementation, and build the craft skills to support program effectiveness. She also works with organisations to build evaluation frameworks and processes to support evaluative decision-making.


About Policy & Professional Skills Development Seminar Series

Policy and governance are an important factor in most organisations. The Graduate Centre will be hosting a series of practical seminars to provide instruction in how to write policy analysis for the practitioner community. The seminars are designed to engage student learning on how “real world” challenges can be navigated, and are targeted at students who currently do not have experience in this area. Also, as part of each seminar, participants will be directed to resources they can use, how to test skills they have learned during their programs and introduce them to industry professionals who can help them understand steps to employability.