Providing policy advice to a Minister is a critical part of any policy role. It is very different to writing an academic assignment! When you are writing a brief to a Minister, you are seeking an informed decision, but Ministers are busy people with multiple competing demands on their time and attention.  So you need to be able to write clearly, strategically and persuasively, but this is easier said than done!

To write for government, we need to not only know what we are going to write about, but also how we are going to write it. And you need to think about this before you begin the writing process. In this workshop we will introduce a structured framework for writing a policy brief. You will then evaluate a sample brief and suggest how it might be improved. We will then focus on effective recommendations for informed decisions – what they need to include and how to write them. You will then work in groups to develop your own recommendation for a hypothetical situation. 


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Bio: Dr Prudence Brown’s research draws on her expert knowledge and understanding of Australian policy and political institutions, from both a practice and a theoretical perspective. She worked in the public service at senior levels for 18 years, of which 12 were at an executive level, in the Northern Territory, Australian and Queensland governments, and mostly in central agencies. This experience covered a broad range of policy areas including Indigenous policy, housing, local government, education, multicultural affairs, seniors and the arts. She currently works at the University of Queensland, where her main research interest is in analysing public sector responses to complex problems and the ways mindsets of policy actors are implicated in their inability to adopt new ways of working, with a focus on Indigenous affairs. Her work recognises that successful policy reform relies on the complex interplay between policy design, stakeholder interests, implementation context and management capacity. She has extensive practical experience in writing for government and teaches short courses to PNG and Filipino executives on the topic.


About Policy & Professional Skills Development Seminar Series

Policy and governance are an important factor in most organisations. The Graduate Centre will be hosting a series of practical seminars to provide instruction in how to write policy analysis for the practitioner community. The seminars are designed to engage student learning on how “real world” challenges can be navigated, and are targeted at students who currently do not have experience in this area. Also, as part of each seminar, participants will be directed to resources they can use, how to test skills they have learned during their programs and introduce them to industry professionals who can help them understand steps to employability.