Please note that the seminar has been cancelled as one of the speakers is unwell. Professor Stephen Bell & Dr Hui Feng send their apologies. We are hoping to reschedule the seminar sometime soon. 


Professor Stephen Bell (POLSIS/UQ) & Dr Hui Feng (Griffith University)

Stephen Bell:

Hui Feng:



China’s state-directed banking and financial system has long poured vast amounts of credit into China’s state sector economy, especially in infrastructure and the giant state-owned enterprises. Since 2008 the state has increased the flow drastically, increasing financial assets by an amount that rivals the size of the entire US financial system. However, the state-directed credit-based growth model and the export-led growth model are now in trouble. A revised growth model must emphasize domestic-led consumption growth, which has been lagging. We argue that liberal reformers in the state have (quietly) sanctioned the growth of the informal shadow banking sector as an institutional work-around to help foster the new growth model. This, in fact, amounts to China’s version of ‘banking reform’; a classic reflection of China’s capacity for ‘informal institutional adaptation’ in the shadow of hierarchy.

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