Presented by Associate Professor Peter Marcus Kristensen (University of Copenhagen). 

This masterclass seeks to provide a panoramic view of the discipline of International Relations (IR) from a sociology of knowledge perspective. First, it asks why the history of IR matters to what we do today? This part explores questions about IR’s historical development as a professional field of study, such as the debate on the ’great debates’, the effect of mythical accounts of the field, and the relationship between the historiography and sociology of IR.

Second, we ask how IR is practiced in the everyday and why it matters for the production of knowledge? This part interrogates the sociological mechanisms through which scholarship is produced and the field is structured; how studies drawing on sociology of science and STS have turned the discipline of International Relations, and its practices, itself into an object of study.

Third, we ask why is knowledge production so unequal? This last part addresses the imbalances within the production, distribution and dissemination of IR scholarship, in particular the question of geographical and cultural parochialism of IR and the pursuit of what some have called ‘non-Western’, ’post-western’ or ‘Global IR’. Throughout the master class participants will also be introduced to methods and theories for mapping the discipline and reflexive questions about our positionality within the field.

Peter Marcus Kristensen is Associate Professor of International Relations at the University of Copenhagen. His main research fields are the sociology and history of the International Relations discipline, rising/ emerging powers, non-Western perspectives and theories on international relations, particularly in the cases of China, India and Brazil. The research he will present and discuss at the master class has recently appeared or is forthcoming in journals such as European Journal of International Relations, International Studies Perspectives, International Studies Quarterly, International Theory and Security Studies.

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