The Visual Politics Research Program invites you to a seminar with Dr Holly Eva Ryan. She is a Lecturer in Politics at Queen Mary University of London. She currently works on the relationship between aesthetics, power and the political pracitce of non state actors in Latin America and beyond.

Influenced by the work of ethnographers and feminist academics, the concept of the 'everyday' has recently re-emerged as an important lens through which to view global politics. Dr Holly Eva Ryan introduces her Economic and Social Research Council funded research project on the practice of 'twinning'. She situates twinning as an example of everyday international relations that hightlights the relevance of translocal connections and struggles. She will, in particular, examine the benefits and challenges of two methods: arts-based action research with young people and the research practice of keeping a visual diary. 

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Semester 2, 2021 Visual Politics Research Program  

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