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Presenter: Dr Radha Ivory (School of Law, Faculty of Business, Economics and Law, UQ).

Radha Ivory joins us from the UQ TC Beirne School of Law. Radha teaches company law and writes on the intersection of criminal law, public international law, and corporate governance. Her most recent book is Corruption, Asset Recovery, and the Protection of Property in Public International Law: The Human Rights of Bad Guys (Cambridge University Press, 2014). Current projects include studies of the emergence and scope of corporate criminal liability regimes and the transnational legal theory of corruption controls. Prior to commencing at UQ, she worked in the international sector in Switzerland, where she worked for the Basel Institute on Governance, in the areas of collective action and asset recovery; and at Building Safer Organisations, an NGO self-regulation initiative on preventing sexual abuse and exploitation in the humanitarian sector. Radha has also worked in private practice in Brisbane. Please join us in welcoming Radha today to discuss her preso titled ‘Beyond Transnational Criminal Law: Corruption as Global New Governance’

About Futures of International Order | Seminar Series

There is a widespread fear that the modern, ‘liberal’, international order is in crisis. Faced with multiple global challenges, from climate change and economic governance to nuclear arms control and global people movements, existing institutions increasingly appear outmoded, inefficient, and at times, dysfunctional. Meanwhile, existing institutional arrangements are being challenged by a diverse array of actors, from great powers (such as Russia) and transnational insurgents to right-wing nationalists. This university-wide seminar series is designed to foster an interdisciplinary dialogue on the possible futures of the modern international order. What challenges does it face, how will it evolve in the face of such challenges, what futures are desirable if it is to meet human and planetary needs?

Scholars are wrestling with these issues in a wide range of disciplines, from climate science and economics to history, philosophy, law, and political science. We have invited scholars from all fields currently working on issues relating to ‘futures of international order’ to present in this new seminar series. 

The Convenors of the program are Associate Professor Jacinta O’Hagan, Associate Professor Sarah Percy & Professor Chris Reus-Smit.

The seminars are run every fortnight through Semester 2 in 2019.

Seminars will be held at POLSIS:  Level 5 General Purpose North (39A) The University of Queensland St Lucia, QLD 4072 | Room 501