Presented by Dr Kirril Shields (UQ)

Dr Shields looks at the proliferation of amateur photos of the Third Reich now accessible on internet sites such as Instagram, and discuss how photos of this nature are a problematic means of trans-generational remembrance. In exploring amateur photos of the Reich he questions the complex role of the photo as a form of memorialisation, examining this genre of image via original intention and the affective relationship the image establishes with the viewer, both at the time of production and now. 

In photos of the Holocaust, war, conflict and atrocity are evinced either literally or through a Third Reich presence. But what of the many millions of photos taken during the period that show no immediate connection to criminality? What narratives do they build of the period, and how are such narratives being re-appropriated given these photos are uploaded to internet sites on a daily basis?

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Semester 2, 2021 Visual Politics Research Program  

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