Speaker: Professor Dan Druckman

This Master Class offers an opportunity to explore this concept with leading conflict resolution scholar Professor Dan Druckman. We will discuss: 

  • frameworks for analyses of key turning points 
  • results from analyses of historical negotiations on Turning Points 
  • prospective experiments on Turning Points.

Participants will also engage in Interactive learning exercises and have the opportunity to reflect on lessons learned for both scholarship and practice.

RSVP to polsis.gradcentre@uq.edu.au by Monday 16th May 2016 to receive reading material and secure a place.

About Public Policy Masterclass

Our Public policy masterclasses bring current and former public servants into the School to discuss policy practice with our students. The sessions are designed to give students with an interest in governance and public policy the chance to interact with real-world policy practitioners and to reflect on the connections between theory and action in policymaking.


Student Complex, Building 21
Innes Room 2